Atlanta painting contractor

Atlanta painting contractor

Decorating Dillema? Not Anymore

Atlanta interior decoratingForget about going to the paint store. Don’t even bother asking a friend? Put the decorating magazine aside. Before you make any plans to decorate, see what your “inside” has to say. Take a moment and reflect on who you are, where you are in your life right now and what energy may be missing. Your decorating dilemma is can lead you on a “personal” journey of self discovery and motivate you to decorate accordingly.

So before you head to the paint store, sit back and ask yourself the following questions. Take your time since there is no need to rush your thoughts and reflections. You’ll be thrilled at the amount of confidence you have in moving forward after digging deep within for personal direction. Ask yourself:

  1. How do I want to “feel” when I enter my home or space?
  2. What do I want my home to say about me and my personal style?
  3. Do I want my space to be cozy, funky or formal?
  4. Am I excited about or drawn to certain themes or time periods; such as Southwestern, Italian countryside or French?
  5. Am I intrigued by the looks from my childhood or any previous time period? Could I see myself recreating a look from the 20’s, 50’s or 70’s?
  6. What type of stimulation am I seeking; exotic, intellectual, adventure or more focus?

The answers to these questions, when seriously and thoughtfully considered, will provide the starting point for any decorating dilemma. You can use these questions to solve decorating dilemmas for a particular space or an entire home. Once you have the answers, you have the power to make decisions quickly and effectively, immediately being able to toss out what simply will not work.

It’s “your” space! By all means, let it reflect your personal style as well as provide the balance and harmony you need to recharge and energize before heading back out into the world. Create your personal sanctuary your personal inner world!

A great place to start, once you’ve decided your next step, is with one of our coupon specials. Spectacular Painting, your local Atlanta painting contractor, can help you on your decorating journey starting with both large and small projects. Don’t forget, we offer FREE color consulting for all of our projects! Happy Decorating!

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