Atlanta painting contractor

Atlanta painting contractor

Atlanta House Painting: Accomplish Your Goals in 2012 – Using These 3 Colors!

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Atlanta House PaintingIf I told you the use of 3 colors could help you accomplish your goals, would you want to hear more? Of course you would! It’s the beginning of a new year and we’ve either silently or verbally made some resolutions. Whether its weight loss, starting a new career, starting or growing a business or anything else in between, color can help you accomplish it.  Color is energy. Color is power! I challenge you to use color to your advantage during your next remodeling or Atlanta house painting project.

Have you ever noticed how some environments leave you feeling lethargic and in the dumps while others boost your energy and have you rearing to go? Pay closer attention to your surroundings and you’ll begin to notice the “colors” around you as well as their impact on your thoughts, feelings and actions. It’s truly amazing.

Well, the power to accomplish your goals is as easy as 1-2-3. Or shall I say yellow, blue and red? Yes! It’s basically that simple. If you wish to accomplish your goals, bring more yellow, blue and red into your space either with updating decor or investing in Atlanta house painting services. Let the magic of the colors work for you. You can certainly use these colors in small ways, but if you decide to decorate an entire space such as an office, study or any room you plan to work in, be sure to use the 60/30/10 rule It’s all about balance. Also remember that there are literally hundreds of colors in the yellow, blue and red color families so the options are endless. These colors range from pale or barely there to richer and deeper versions that can be mixed and matched at your disposal.

Note: Yellow represents knowing, blue represents dreams and red represents expressions – Everything you need to get things done!

So color your world and accomplish your goals in 2011 and beyond!

Tia Woodley

Certified Color Consultant at Spectacular Painting, your Atlanta Painting Contractor

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