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Atlanta painting contractor

Atlanta Interior Painting: Selecting a Color Scheme for Your Bedroom

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Atlanta interior paintingBy now, you should have chosen the perfect main and complementary accent colors for your relaxing bedroom. Now it’s time to pull it all together. Take a deep breath and challenge yourself to connect with the “Interior Decorator” within. After all, your new relaxing bedroom is a reflection of your personality and an extension of you. Prepare to express yourself! Creating a relaxing bedroom does not have to break the bank.  The DIY ideas listed below are awesome for the budget conscious when looking into Atlanta interior painting projects.

So let’s get started:

1. First and foremost, 60/30/10 rule.

  • The wall color/background will consume most of the room representing approximately 50-60% .
  • The complimentary color will represent the 30%
  • An optional third color can be incorporated to represent the final 10% of your Atlanta interior painting project.

2. Choose bedding in either neutral shade that blends with your wall color or the same color of the walls, but in a lighter or darker version.  Another option would be to simply use all white bedding, bringing versions of both the wall color and complementary color onto the bedding.

3. Lighting is an important element to a relaxing bedroom and successful Atlanta interior painting project. Halogen light bulbs allow the reflection of “truer” color. Use lamps, candles/candelabras throughout the space so dark corners are illuminated when necessary. An often overlooked, but very simple trick is installing dimmer switches for the ability to adjust and balance the lighting to fit the mood with the touch of a finger.

4. Use limited photos, artwork and nick knack items to promote an uncluttered space with clean lines that is easier to relax in.

5. When choosing your accessories, such as throw pillows, throws, vases, etc. be sure to mix and match varying textures such as lush and shiny silks with glistening metallic and fur to create visual interest as well as touch of luxury.

The complimentary color should dance evenly around the room. Sprinkle the complementary color ever so slightly throughout the space so that your eye catches all of the colors at every glance. Think of the room as a box with 4 corners and a center. Allow the complementary color to be splashed in the center (on the bed) and in or near each of the 4 corners, whether it is on the walls or on the dresser or night tables.

Wall mounted candleholders enclosed in glass offer a soft flickering glow and can balance a room’s décor by flanking the sides of a mirror or headboard. A sensual or peaceful photo or artwork in black and white will match just about any color scheme. Keep in mind that less is more in creating a relaxing bedroom. Avoid having multiple items all over the walls or on top of every surface.

If you actually need to shop for anything, draw a rough sketch of the room using crayons or color pencils. This will allow you to generate ideas on balancing the colors. You will also have an idea of what you really need to purchase. You can then create a list that you can take to the store allowing you to buy only what is absolutely necessary. You’ll probably be able to find some awesome deals and get very creative when you go on a treasure hunt for a specific item that will go in specific place that you have planned for. Hey, be sure to shop through items you already have before heading to the store!

Hopefully, you now realize that creating a relaxing bedroom can be fun, economical and accomplished quite easily.  It’s the perfect weekend activity to be done alone or with a friend! I urge you to get started with your own color challenge and Atlanta interior painting project.

Tia Woodley

Certified Color Consultant & Expert Author
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