Atlanta painting contractor

Atlanta painting contractor

3 Things You Don’t Want Your Painter To Do With Your Atlanta Interior Painting

Atlanta Interior PaintingThere are some things you want to be sure to look out for when you’re having your Atlanta home’s interior painting done. Many times, you may hire a painter for your interior painting project only to find that you made a huge mistake in who you chose. You can find yourself stuck with sloppy paint work or an interior paint job that later shows up with problems.

Here are some things or practices that your Atlanta interior painting professional shouldn’t be doing and can be items you ask them about before they start working for you. You can ask your painters how they handle certain things and by their answers be able to tell if they know what they’re doing.

While the interior painting contractor may tell you they guarantee their work, sometimes it’s difficult to get them to come back to fix their mistakes, so it’s best to get them to tell you up front what they normally do with certain aspects of their day to day work practices.

1. Your interior painting contractors shouldn’t suggest painting over wallpaper, at least that is unless you specifically ask for your interior painting project to be handled that way.
Wallpaper should always be removed first and the wall surfaces repaired and refinished correctly before being painted again. Painting over wallpaper is a huge mistake as the wallpaper only has to get some moisture behind it before it starts peeling up.

Also, the seams of the wallpaper always show through and are visible. So ask your interior painting professional how they handle wallpaper during an interior painting project. If they tell you it should be removed first, you know they’re at least that knowledgeable, if they suggest painting over it, you don’t want their type of painting services.

2. Ask how your prospective interior painting professional handles cleaning up afterward. If you don’t have a safe way for them to clean their painting equipment set up, they should take all their painting equipment off your premises to clean their tools.
It’s unbelievable how many times painters will use bathtubs or the home’s sinks to wash out paint and pour out chemicals! You wind up with clogged drains full of contaminated substances that are dangerous to our water supply.

These substances contaminate our water supplies and professional painters know this, yet they continually have this bad practice because they’re too lazy to handle painting cleanups right.

The best scenario is your interior painting company takes their painting cleanup off your premises and handles it the right way at their place of business.

3. Be sure your interior painting company will remove your outlet covers, switches, and tape off your small fixtures and lighting fixtures. You want to know that you’re not going to later have to call them back or get someone else to clean off their sloppy paint job.
A professional interior painter knows that these areas shouldn’t have paint on them and that it only makes them look like amateurs and upsets their customers.

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