Atlanta painting contractor

Atlanta painting contractor

Oil or Latex Paint for House Painting Projects in Atlanta


When you embark on a painting project for your Atlanta home, you should pay close attention to the painting materials that you choose. Your house painting project should be a thoroughly enjoyable experience. In order to enjoy your house painting endeavors, you have to understand what materials will best fit your customized needs. If you fail to understand the materials you choose, you can be disappointed with the end result of your painting project.

Before you begin considering which color scheme to go with, you should understand the basics of the two main types of paints. For house painting jobs, you can choose between oil and latex based paints. Both of these paint types have unique defining characteristics that provide different benefits that may be preferable to your individual needs.

The house painting professionals at Spectacular Painting can help you choose the best paints and color schemes that you and your family will love for the long term. Their professionals have an immense amount of knowledge about all various paints. Their expert help will ensure that your house painting project is completed quickly, is thoroughly enjoyable, and is of the highest quality possible.

Latex House Painting in Atlanta

Latex paint gets its name from the substance used to adhere the pigment of the paint to the home surface. This binder is usually made from a plastic substance such as acrylic or vinyl or a combination of both. Latex paint has several unique advantages in comparison to oil based paints.

The first benefit of latex paint is its quick drying time. Because latex paint dries quickly, the professional house painters at Spectacular Painting can apply two coats of paint to your Atlanta home in one day. This allows the job to get done as quickly as possible.

Latex paint is also less harmful to the environment. It is easier to clean than oil based paint. Latex paint is easily cleaned with soap and water. Lastly, latex paint does not generate as many fumes as oil based paints. This high quality paint type is a great option for your Atlanta house painting project.

Oil Based Painting in Atlanta

Oil based paint also gets its name from the adhesive substance used within the paint. This substance is usually made from a synthetic resin called alkyd or from a natural oil. This binder provides a supreme level of protection after the paint has dried.

Coincidentally, one unique advantage of oil based paint comes from the fact that it takes longer to dry than latex paint. Because the paint dries longer, the paint flattens out more for a more uniform finish. This long drying time also provides more flexibility for the house painter because he or she will have more time to work.

Whether you choose oil based or latex paint, the house painters at Spectacular Painting can help you with all of your Atlanta painting needs. They have the knowledge, skill, and methods that guarantee the best looking, highest quality, and longest lasting paint job for your Atlanta home.

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