Atlanta painting contractor

Atlanta painting contractor

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interior-painting-atlantaUsing color in your home is important when showing your property on the real estate market. Several years ago, it was advised to keep your color pallet a uniform, neutral color, but the colors seem drab and faded.

Today we have found that buyers want to see some pizzazz, but this does not mean that neutral colors are out. It only means that we shouldn’t be choosing only drab colors that blend together and look dull or boring. A pretty seaside green, blue, brown, orange, or other earth tones are a great option. Colors with more color intensity are “in”.

There are ways you can take a neutral pallet and combine it with similar colors such as a brighter color on opposing or adjacent walls. This makes for depth and character in your room. It also helps to accentuate the architectural style of the home. Also, you could divide a wall horizontally with similar color tones. This can help to break up what could otherwise be a truly boring interior.

Of course the type of finish you choose is completely up to you, but there are some areas of the home where you don’t want to use certain finishes, for instance flat paint in a bathroom doesn’t work well especially if the wall is textured. It’s too easy for the texture to get moisture infiltration and then start to peel off the wall.

  1. Matte
    • Term interchangeable with Flat, see next…
  2. Flat
    • Durable matte (or flat) finish, does not reflect light as a shine
    • Common use: ceilings, walls, over texture finishes
    • Tip: don’t use where high humidity, can be cleaned occasionally
    • Tip: camouflages small imperfections
  3. Eggshell
    • Slightly glossy, low sheen
    • Common use: walls, ceilings
    • Tip: cleans better than flat
  4. Satin
    • Smooth and silky
    • Common use: trim, doors, ceilings, walls
    • Tip: cleans easily, perfect for high traffic areas
  5. Semi-Gloss
    • Subtle Shine
    • Common use: trim, doors, cabinetry
    • Tip: highlights surfaces so be careful to prepare surface properly
  6. Glossy
    • High shine, almost reflective
    • Common use: dramatic and formal effect for cabinets, trim, furniture
    • Tip: magnifies surface imperfections, sand smooth before painting

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