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Atlanta painting contractor

Faux Painting Ideas For Atlanta Area Homes

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Atlanta Interior PaintingIf you have been thinking about painting your Atlanta home, consider hiring a professional painter who offers faux painting service. The more experienced the painting contractor is, the more options you have in faux painting designs.
Faux painting brings interest to an otherwise dull color finish. Not only can textures be mimicked with paint, so can materials like wood, brick, or rock. However, there are a vast array of faux finishes you can choose from.

As professional Atlanta painting contractors, Spectacular Painting has helped many homeowners to create unique designs in faux finishes. We thought we would put together some faux painting ideas for your home.

Faux Painting Bamboo Finishes On Walls

Designing with earth-friendly materials is a hot trend today. More and more homeowners are bringing in natural materials when remodeling instead of the traditional materials that often cause the harmful buildup of chemicals and gases in the home.

Bamboo is a wonderful, earth-friendly material. The problem is that it can be quite expensive. If you plan to just paint instead of full-fledged remodeling, why not incorporate the bamboo design with faux painting?

Some will paint the exact image of bamboo wood when they paint a faux finish. However, the more experienced you are at painting faux finishes, the more unique you can be. For instance, instead of painting something that looks exactly like a bamboo cane, why not take the patterns and textures and pattern after them instead?

The grain pattern of adult bamboo is beautiful. One option is to use the grain pattern as a faux finish on walls or on woodwork.

Another option is to faux finish a certain impression that a group of materials produces. For example, the forest effect of young bamboo can be created as a unique faux finish. Bamboo is actually a grass. When it is very young, it looks like grass. As it grows, it becomes stalk-like and turns a beautiful golden brown. If you were to look at a forest of young bamboo in this state, the design is really quite lovely.

Faux Painting Cabinetry

Many homeowners choose to hire a faux painting contractor to refinish their cabinetry instead of removing and replacing it. It’s a great idea. Any wood type can be completely changed with faux painting.

As professionals, we can take any material your cabinetry is made of and make it look like exotic hardwood. Do you love the fine-grain pattern of teak wood? Perhaps the redish-brown richness of mahogany really speaks to you?

Whether you have pressed-wood cabinets, metal, or pine, they can be completely transformed into a luxurious finish with faux painting. Trust us, with an experienced painter, you won’t be able to tell the difference.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about our Faux Painting service in Atlanta or surrounding areas, please call Spectacular Painting at 678.565.0177 or complete our online request form.

If you are looking for a professional Atlanta painting contractor then please call 678.565.0177 or complete our online request form.