Atlanta painting contractor

Atlanta painting contractor

Why Spectacular Painting?

At Spectacular Painting, we understand the frustrations customers can face when working with an Atlanta painting contractor.  Read just a few of these examples below, and see how Spectacular Painting provides you with positive results.

Customer’s Problem

What We Do

Your Positive Result

There are un-met expectations; additional unforeseen charges

Proper communication throughout the process and immediate notification “with” options should something unforeseen occurs.

You get exactly what you wanted, with no surprises

Exterior - Pre-mature paint failure

Use of the appropriate quality materials with up to a Lifetime Warranty; Proper care in preparation

Paint job lasts longer, looks nicer, saves you money in the long run. It’s less hassle and time spent having to have the house painted again. Thus, being better for the environment.

Struggling with decision on color & decorative concept

Certified Dewey Color Consultant

You will confidently choose the colors that stylishly reflects your unique personality.

Painters are: unprofessional, unskilled, low quality of character – you don’t know who you are working with.

We hire experienced painters and train apprentices with high levels of integrity and an execution of excellent customer service.

You will be comfortable knowing that the people on your property are ethical and morally sound individuals  that are professionally trained in their area of expertise.

Not starting & finishing project on time

We secure start dates with each client to ensure that we get there when we say we will.

Your project starts and finishes as planned.

Messy, dirty & sloppy work environment

We train specifically on clean jobsites: clean up of the site at the end of each day, workers are in uniforms and don’t smoke on the jobsite (No Smoking Policy).

We keep your home clean and safe  throughout the entire project.

Poor communication skills – customer doesn’t know what is going on with project

We use your preferred mode of day-to-day communication to update you daily on the status of the project.

You will feel informed throughout the entire project so you exactly what’s happening and maintain a sense of comfort while we’re there.

Lack of quality appearance, uneven lines, rough surfaces, sloppy paint application job

Spectacular Painting Standard upholds  Proper Preparation & Painting standards

Even smooth surfaces with nice tight and clean lines. “We do it. You’ll Love it!”

Some painting contractors are here today and gone tomorrow.

At Spectacular Painting, we operate at a high level of professionalism and in good faith providing excellent services for every customer we work with.

We are always here when you need us…a phone call or a mouse click away.

If you are looking for an Atlanta painting contractor then please call 678.565.0177 or complete our online request form.